Website- Easy Tips to Design

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Digital marketing demands a website, so that customers get a glance of the business that you are in. Website is hence the face of your digital business avenues. Now, a question that still persists, how can a good website be designed?

Some simple tips and tricks by ERC Edge have been listed!

1. The first step would be of course, choosing a theme that matches correctly with the kind of business that you are in. Deciding on the colors and theme, collation of relevant pictures and content that would be put on the website must be done before designing.

2. The offerings and product portfolio that will be available online must be documented and the brochure development hence becomes the nest step. This can bring clarity of business and can help both you and your customers.

3. Vision, mission, and goals need to be created and put on the website, which would give a more professional touch to whatever your business is.

4. It is better to edit the obvious things first, such as business/retail outlet logo, address, maps, pictures etc. to ensure that they are not left out at the end. The product images, images of the shop, some 360-degree images and some videos, if essential can be put up. But ensure, not to overload, as this will increase the loading time, hence people might switch!

5. Product details, pricing package details along with the brochure link needs to be provided on the website. Discount offers need to be highlighted as much as possible, so that they attract a great customer base.

6. Never forget to mention three things:

a. If you have some popular customers, suppliers, or partners.

b. If you have some really appealing customer journey maps, stories, and testimonials.

c. Your social media account links!

7. After putting all the relevant content, pictures on the website, do not forget to ensure that there are no open ends. For example, linking of web-pages, linking of newsletter portal, social media account linking and others, if any. Your website is then ready to go live!

ERC Edge aims at creation of websites, logos, social media handles and core digital marketing strategies tailored for you and your business.

We design the online face of your business!

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