Digital Marketing for Tracking Competitors

A lot of advantages can be thought of when Digital Marketing comes to mind, especially during tough times like this and with more and more people using laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Well, digital marketing and analytic tools can help track the competitors even and predict their strategies as well!

Whatever business you might be in, or whatever the business model might be, Digital Marketing would make you more agile and responsive. Customers can know you better and viral content and business ideas can make your situation even better. Most of the companies have already started their venturing into Digital Marketing for long, more and more people are dropping in.

Let’s say, you are into the business of Biscuit manufacturing. You have both B2B and B2C customers as your target market. Well, social media can help you track your competitors and it’s the same another way round too! Suppose a renowned battery company such as Britannia or Cadbury launches a particular biscuit and you find the social media pages and posts of those companies flooded with appreciation. You can also plan a similar kind of product in those lines.

A closer look at the social media pages would make you find customer reviews, types of posts customers like, number of posts per week, kind of content posted, etc. From the websites, some key suppliers, the blog topics, social media infographics, and statistics, steps were taken by the company for let’s say CSR activities, and many other kinds of information can be obtained.

Marketing analytics can provide you with absolutely amazing digital marketing statistics, that will help you calculate where you are going wrong and where is your competitor rising. That information can help you incorporate some innovative solutions as a part of your digital marketing strategies and also help in generating a future roadmap to be followed. These statistics can provide detailed analysis regarding monthly views, likes, shares, etc. of the posts, which content worked the best, how many people have visited your website after clicking on your ads or social media posts, with which most people have interacted the most, how your competitors are rising and where you are lagging, which are the most searched keywords, etc.

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