The present scenario of COVID has demanded businesses to go online. People have been preferring buying through apps and local websites for their daily needs and other transactions as well. This has completely changed the market dynamics and traditional marketing techniques feel obsolete now.

ERC Edge was created in this backdrop, where people have been preferring going online, but have not much idea how to do so. Certain campaigns such as “Digital India”, “Make in India” that encourages businesses to go digital have been continuing to grow in India and ERC Edge is something that helps in aiding this growth.

A vertical of an Indian conglomerate ERC Group, ERC Edge is determined to take businesses online. You can have a look at the diverse portfolio that ERC Edge provides for you! Well, establishing such a business is not easy! It requires a lot of homework and background tasks as well. ERC Edge has amazing designers, like web designers, photo and video editing experts, strategy planners, marketing individuals, logo designers, customer points of contact, and others in the whole team of ERC Edge.

At ERC Edge, the most essential element that we think of is overall customer satisfaction. Through some small yet meaningful steps such as unlimited redraws while designing a logo. The business that we are in demands a lot of research in the field of technology and recent innovations so that this can actually bring a positive and attractive change in the businesses that sign-up with us. This also requires a lot of research in different fields, since we don’t have any boundaries for businesses to register with us.

We have a process like this:

1. You contact us via our social media, website, email, or toll-free number.

2. Our salesperson communicates you back.

3. You place your demands, business location, business area, or any other specifications in general.

4. We revert you back through our proposals that would be created for you.

5. You choose the packages and we collect small advance payment from you.

6. We then give you a timeline for getting the tasks done.

7. You make the final payments and get back the work that has been done for you.

8. We collect small feedback from you and provide you inputs about how to use the packages further.

Amazing offers from ERC Edge have been mentioned on the website! Do have a look and register today itself.

Stay tuned for more details about the back-end operations!

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