Independence Day & Digital Marketing- Connection?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

As we all know, India is celebrating its 74th Independence Day on 15th August 2020, i.e., Saturday. This time the celebration is going to be quite different, isn’t it? But, have you ever thought of how closely are Independence Day and Digital Marketing related? Check here to find out how!

India has a huge bunch of home-grown companies and brands that are doing well. In addition to these, many MNCs have a branch and an office here in India. As we all know, India is the land of “Unity in Diversity”. Even companies face issues while segmenting their market. But festivals like Independence Day helps them to target a huge audience altogether since patriotism is something that binds everyone quite well!

What do brands generally do on Independence Day?

1. Some, who can afford, sign renowned singers, and create an album, use it for their branding. They post it on social media and even radio and television.

2. Some brands organize some competitions, such as lottery or selfie contests or other contests on social media, that creates more engagement.

3. Some brands such as Amul create some creative doodles and pictures, some brands create videos and creatives that are quite different and attractive. Some even target the word FREEDOM and create posts, some related to women, some related to culture and etiquette. Some of the videos also portray the unity and heritage of India.

4. Many of the brands provide special offers for the customers, both on social media pages and their applications, make their posts more creative and appealing and target their customers.

5. Even some brands use different kinds of packaging for products on this occasion and also release some limited period products.

6. Most of the companies and brands try to use the tricolor theme in an innovative manner that kind of suits their business.

7. Some companies and retail stores conduct flag hoisting and some other ceremonies and decorations. Some retail stores also provide some discounts exclusively at the outlets.

8. Some retail stores even invite dignitaries for a speech or performances or inaugurations, that makes things look quite attractive and crowd-pulling. Also becomes the talk of the town.

So, what strategies are you thinking of implementing?

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