Logo- A Visual Storyteller

So before reading the blog, let us play a game. How many companies can you identify from these logos given below?

Absolutely! Most of you would have got all 9 correct, isn’t it? You do see a lot of images every day, even many times, but you still remember these. Have you ever thought, why?

This begins the discussion regarding what a logo actually signifies! A logo defines the face of a company, just like a website does! Logo can be abstract, related to your business, may portray a story, may indicate a campaign, and may also be a complex or a simple one. But the logo creates an everlasting image on stakeholder’s minds!

Why logo? Is the logo essential for a retail outlet or an online business?

Well, the logo is an essential element of any business in general, whatever the business model might be! Advantages? Find them listed below!

1. It grabs the attention of your customers right at the very first glance.

2. People start associating your logo with themselves, which creates unique brand value and identity amongst the customers.

3. The first impression of a customer makes it look quite professional if the company/firm/business has a logo of it.

4. The logo can be defined as the stepping-stone of creating your own unique brand identity. The logo sets the scene for your brand story narration.

5. A logo is an entity that can also provide information about the business model that you serve, the area of service that you operate, and the best possible portrayal of your organization.

6. Your logo is something that compactly defines your whole business and you! Imagine your logo on a carry-bag or newspaper. It doesn’t require any introduction if your logo is strong enough! Letterheads, business cards, even merchandise- your logo speaks for you!

7. Your logo creates a brand stickiness on the part of consumers. Say you are a conglomerate and you expand your business to a new vertical. Your name and logo suffice for pulling the existing customer base for your newly launched products!

How should a logo be designed?

1. The logo should be as simpler as possible. It is easier to create a complicated one, but a simpler logo needs time to think and design. A simple logo leaves a great impression on the customer's minds!

2. The logo should be such that people must be able to guess at least the sector that you are operating in. The logo shouldn’t be too eccentric.

3. The fonts should be readable and relatable, which can make the image even stronger! Even a mono-color with a beautiful shape can do wonders!

4. The logo should be compatible with most of the websites and social media pages.

5. Above all, the logo should be relevant to what your business is!

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