Digital Marketing for retail stores- Luxury, or Necessity?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

While introducing our product ERC Edge for our clients, many of them raised a question, “We have a retail outlet, do we really need Digital Marketing?” This topic took birth to clear such questions.

This is a matter of fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has eaten away businesses and market shares that were entirely dependent on the traditional business procedures. Basically, there have been three kinds of retail business owners:

1. First, who had already judged the importance of digital marketing, strategist in the past and implemented in the present.

2. Second, who did not realize the importance, but presently started working on it,

3. Third, the rigid ones, who still believe that traditional marketing methods are better, even at this point of time.

With government launching campaigns like Digital India campaign, the number of mobile phone and laptop users has spiked significantly. This increase has been an opportunity for the first and second category of retail outlet owners. Not just in prime locations, even a Tier-3 city population is now demanding online.

The COVID pandemic has given traditional marketing a huge backward push. Digital marketing strategies have proved to be pandemic-proof and profitable as well. Another advantage has been the digital trail in the form of a huge database.

Most of the retail outlets or the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers in the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities have been quite rigid in the implementation of digital marketing strategies. This has made them suffer losses and lose their market shares to the competitors. In other words, they are still far from the term “The New Normal” that has emerged as a result of this pandemic. Digital Marketing has become a necessity for survival in the competition; a retail outlet has to constantly revamp itself in terms of strategies and policies that would keep it updated and profitable.

Below are some of the requirements and importance of digital marketing for a retail outlet:

An attractive website and a logo

This is the basic that the retail store needs to have as a start for any digital venture. The website would contain the details regarding address, contact number, email id and images, or can be some videos or a 360 degree image displaying the whole store and the products, so that customers can have a bird-eye view of your store.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Through this, you can have an edge over your competitors. Whenever people would search for something that you sell at your outlet on their mobile phones or any other electronic device, your store would pop-up the first and that will drive more customers.

Providing online offers and discounts for online and offline customers

This can aid a lot in the increasing visibility of your offerings over your competitors. People using services online will thus be encouraged to buy over online platform; can also find your listings and visit your retail outlet.

Social media

Social media platforms can always prove to be the best for viewing various offerings, events and orders as well, where business listing can be done with the valid social media platforms, Besides, blogs can also prove to be one of the best for SEO procedures as well.

Pay per click model

Pay per click model allows you to bid for ad space in browsers. All you have to do is pay a certain amount of money only for number of clicks that happen on your ads. For innovative ads, even browsers provide rewards, by reducing the money that you have to pay per click.

ERC Edge has been developed by the ERC Group that takes care of all such functions and even more on behalf of you. Have a look at the packages and grab the exciting offers now!

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