The ERC Edge Travelogue Series- Journeys of Customer

Suppose you have a service/product to sell. What is the most essential element of your business? It is none other than Demand, isn’t it? And who is the source of this demand? No one but the Customers!

Customers are the most essential part of any business transaction that happens. It's because of the customers that companies thrive. Imagine your business ready and set, your production done well and your employees well and good. But you have no customers to buy your product. Quite obvious, there would be no value addition.

Customer journey mapping is something that can make you as a company realizes where are the loopholes of your services and which are the unsatiated demands that you can look for! Customers' touchpoints and feedbacks can actually make you realize what else do you need to provide and what is unnecessary in the system.

ERC Group as a whole is very much focussed on customer satisfaction. We, at ERC Edge, have started a blog series named- “ERC Edge Travelogue” wherein we would be flaunting not just the amazing feedbacks, but also the loopholes that exist in our system and how we went/would go about to edit them. This can provide transparency from our end. For them who wish to take our services, they can actually go through these customer journeys in order to get an idea regarding the services provided.

ERC Edge’s main focus is to provide value addition to customers and society in general. We make businesses go digital so that they can actually be at par with their competitors and do not fall back amidst this era of digitization.

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Stay tuned for the ERC Edge Travelogue Series!

Releasing this Monday (24th August 2020)

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